Libby Auto Skills Center

Hours of Operation
Mon, Thu, Fri | 1 - 8:30pm
Sat, Sun | 9am - 4:30pm

*Safety Briefings are held 30 min after opening hours every day.

Bldg 1503, Fort Stewart, GA
Phone: (912) 767-3521 or (912) 767-3527


The Libby Auto Craft Center is a 28 bay facility. There are 14 lifts, body and paint bays, bays without lifts, welding area, engine overhaul area, tool check out, work benches in bay areas, and motorcycle repair areas. We are currently increasing our parts inventory to include most fast service filters,fluids,lights and etc.

Special tools and equipment include Hunter alignment machine, two tire changers, Snap-On Computer Analysis, Sun starting/charging tester, Hunter and Bear tire balancer, RTI A/C recharging unit, Mig, Arc Oxy/acetylene welders.The equipment available at the Libby autocraft shop is modern and up to date. Test equipment is checked and calibrated regularly. Work tools are Craftsman, Snap-on, Matco or other quality brands.



  • A patron does not have to be a mechanic to use the facility as we have instructors on duty to help you.
  • Of course, you should not attempt repairs without the knowledge that is required.
  • Classes and video tapes are available to teach many repair procedures and our instructor will be available to check your work.
  • Classes are offered monthly on do it yourself repairs such as: engine overhaul, brakes, basic car care, tune-up, and safety check.
  • Patrons must have a valid shop safety card, which is free and is issued upon the completion of the Safety Briefing which is held 30 minutes after opening every day that we are open .


The cost for using the shop ranges from $2.50 to $3.50 per hour. This fee includes bay use and tools , and of course verbal assistance from our instructors. Other charges , such as for air conditioning service, are listed at the end of this summary.

Auto Price List








  • On post towing within 10 miles of Auto Skills Center (ASC):    $45
  • On post towing 10 to 20 miles of ASC:                                          $50
  • On post towing 20 plus miles of ASC:                                           $55
  • All tows over 30 miles of ASC will be charged $2 per mile from point of pick up to the ASC.
  • All tows between the hours of 2100 – 0900 will be charged an additional $5 for each hour required



  • On post (FS) up to 30 miles from ASC:                                          $  85
  • On post (HAAF):                                                                                 $100
  • Clean up accident site non-hazardous:                                        $  10
  • Calls between the hours of 2100 – 0900 will be charged and additional $5 for each hour required
  • Administrative Fee                                                                             $  30


All rates apply to towing performed by ASC wrecker for vehicle with a gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.  Wrecker service called in by ASC will be charged to the vehicles owner at cost plus 15%.

Vehicles towed to the vehicle storage yard and picked up with 24 hours from being towed will not be charged storage but they will incur a $30 administrative fee.  All vehicles towed to the vehicle storage yard and not removed within 24 hours will be charged $10 per day storage charged when picked-up by vehicle’s owner.