Libby Auto Skills Price List


Flat Bay $4.00
Lift Bay $5.00
Engine Room Work Bench (per hr) $3.00
Bench Grinder (per use) $2.50
Wheel Balance w/ Hammer on weights per tire (stick-on weights extra) $5.00
Tire Change (per tire) $3.50
Tire Disposal (per tire) $2.50
Welding (Arc,Mig,Gas/per 1/2 hr) $7.50
Plasma Cutter (per 1/2 hr) $7.50
Bearing/Bushing Press (per press) $5.00
Strut Press (per strut) $5.00
Cam Bearing Press (per use) (supervised) $10.00
Steam/Pressure Washer (per 1/2hr) $5.00
Parts Washer (walk-in) (per hr) $3.00
Cage Storage (per day) $2.00
Vehicle Storage (outside per day) $3.00
Alignment (4-wheel Factory Suspension) (staff only) $70.00
Alignment (4-Wheel Altered Suspension) (staff only) $100.00
Rotor Turned (Off Vehicle) (staff only) $7.50ea
Drum Turned (staff only) $7.50ea
A/C System Service Complete (Freon $15 per lb.) (staff only) $40.00+Freon
A/C System Check (staff only) $28.00
A/C System Vacuum Only (staff only) $15.00
Computer Code Check (inc printed diagnostics tree) (staff only) $32.00
Alternator, Starter or Battery Test (on car) (staff only) $40.00
Paint Booth (per hr) includes free air suit and mask $10.00
Paint Booth (daily) includes free air suit and mask $75.00
Resale Lot (per month) (Motorcycle,ATV's,Wave Runners, Etc.) $10.00
Resale Lot (per month) (Car,Truck,Suv's) $15.00
Resale Lot (per month) (Motor Homes, Campers, Boats, Etc) $20.00
Tire Rotation & Balance $25.00