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Fort Stewart Child Development Centers (CDC) are on-post child care centers that offer full-day, before/after kindergarten and hourly care for children in rich and stimulating environments where children can develop motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills through a balance of exploration and planned curriculum using the Creative Curriculum. Learning activities are designed to support the natural development of children and include individual, small group and large group experiences.

Ages served

  6 weeks – Kindergarten

Types of Care

Full-Day Services offered to children ages 6 weeks - 5 years old on a regularly scheduled, daily basis.

Hourly  Short term quality child care option for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years. Reservations may be made 3 weeks in advance.  Cost: $4.00/hour not to exceed 25 hours per week.  Online reservation at is highly recommended.

Respite Army Family Covenant provides sixteen hours of free care per month per child for deployed Soldiers and civilians (throughout the deployment cycle), Wounded Warriors, and Fallen Warriors.  Children of WTU cadres and rear-detachment cadres receive five hours of free child care per month per child. Children enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) can receive up to 40 hours of free child care per month per eligible child.

Pre-Kindergarten  Free Georgia State funded program that provides school readiness skills for children entering school in the fall.

Accreditation and Certification

  • DOD Certified: All of our Child Development Centers are certified by the Department of Defense. In order to receive certification, all our caregivers must meet rigid training, health and safety standards, and our centers are subject to unannounced inspections by internal and external Army inspectors.
  • NAEYC Certified: All our CDCs must be certified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a professional organization which promotes excellence and sets professional standards for early childhood education programs.

Hours of Operation and Locations

Fort Stewart Child Development Centers are open for fullday care from 0530-1800 Monday through Friday, and closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays. Hourly Care on regular days is offered from 0800-1700 at any of the CDC. Reservations and/or Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before when hourly care is needed. Hourly reservations can be made online or by calling the CDC directly.


CDC Bldg 403: 56 Steele Avenue, Fort Stewart Call 912-767-3202

Services offered:

-Georgia Pre-K
-Before/After Pre-K-Georgia

-Before/After Kinder

CDC Bldg 5500: 250 Davis Avenue, Fort Stewart Call 912-767-9662

Services Offered:

- Full Day
- Hourly
- Respite

CDC Bldg 475: 76 Lindquist Avenue, Fort Stewart Call 912-767-1038

Services offered:

-Georgia Pre-K
-Before/After Pre-K

CDC Bldg 7100: 271 Austin Road, Fort Stewart Call 912-767-1141

Services offered:


-Before/After Kinder (*Murray & Brittin Only)



Fees and Enrollment

 ***Effective 01 November 2013

SY 13-14 CDC w/2-week Vacation Rates  SY13-14 CDC w/4-week Vacation Rates   SY13-14 Sports, SAC & MST Rates

 Download the new SY13-14 Army Fee Policy 

Major Changes in the new SY13-14 Army Child & Youth Fee Policy include:

  • CHILD CARE FEES/INCOME CATEGORIES- SY13-14 child care fees are adjusted to establish a standard fee range for all Military Services for each Total Family Income (TFI) Category. Fees are determined based on Total Family Income of all household members. Failure to provide required documentation will result in assignment to highest Fee Category 9.
  •  LATE PAYMENT FEE/DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS - Late payment fees are charged on the 6th business day at a rate of $10.00 per program/per cycle until paid in full. Services will be terminated if full payment for the billing cycle is not received by the last working day of the month, unless a command approved financial hardship waiver is in place.   The child will be removed from the class activity roster and necessary Garnishment Action will be initiated with the local Financial Management Office. Once a child has been denied service for non-payment, all delinquent fees and penalty fees must be paid in full for the child to be eligible to use any CYS Services child care programs. If the Family wants to re-enroll in a regularly scheduled CYS Services child care program following payment of a delinquent account, they will be treated as a new patron. Since their previous child care space is no longer available, the Family must contact Parent Central Services to re-initiate a Search for Care. If a Wait List exists for the type of care the Family is requesting, the child will be placed on the Wait List with the current calendar date as the new Initial Date.  
  • VACATION CREDIT IN CDC PROGRAMS- Families must select either a 2 or 4-week Leave/Vacation fee option for each child as part of their annual registration. The option selected cannot be changed until the next annual registration.
    • Whether a patron selects a 2-week or 4-week plan, they still end up paying basically the same amount in yearly child care fees.Within the annual set fee amount, consideration has been calculated  for holidays, school closures, emergency days, snow days, etc...
    • For the 2-week vacation plan, the total annual fee amount is then divided by 11.5 months. This means the parent can take 2 weeks off without making a payment because that payment has been spread out evenly over the other 11.5 months.
    • For the new 4-week vacation plan, the same total annual fee amount is divided by 11 months. This means the parent can take 4 weeks off without making a payment because that payment has been spread out evenly over the other 11 months.
    • Vacation must be taken in a minimum of one week increments (Monday-Friday).
    • Families must provide two week advance notice to take Leave/Vacation.
  • LATE PICK UP FEE- CDC and SAC programs will assess a $1.00 a minute fee per program,  up to 15 minutes after closing. When a family is later than 15 minutes, the Family is charged $5.00 per child/per site for the remainder of the hour and then $5.00 per child/per site for each hour thereafter.
  • AFC DEPLOYMENT SUPPORT SERVICES- All AFC benefits remain in effect for Mission Level 1, Mission Level 2 and Mission Level 3 eligible households.
  • All eligible children must be registered with CYS Services.  Patrons may register at the CYS Parent Central Services office.  Call 912-315-5425 for an appointment.  Registration is free!
  • Child care fees are charged using a graduated fee schedule based on Total Family Income.  Fees are due on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • MILITARY RETIREE only households are limited to Sports, SKIES Instructional classes and MST after school programs. Full Day and Hourly care at CDC or SAC is not available for children of Military Retiree only sponsors.


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Hourly Care Program  (CDC Only)

Hourly Reservations for CDC’s can be scheduled in person, by phone and online at for registered CYSS members. Reservations may be made up to three weeks in advance, but are not to exceed 25 hours in one week. If reservations must be cancelled, please call no later than 8:00 am the day of the reservation or two hours before start of requested care. Patrons may make/cancel reservations online 24 hours prior to the day of the reservation.

In an effort to provide quality service to all of our patrons, all CYSS child care policies must be enforced by each program. Patrons are responsible for any charges incurred with requested hourly care. A “No-Show” fee will be assessed to any household who is late or does not show for their reserved time for care. Patrons will be charged for the entire time reserved for care. Repeat “No-Shows” will be reported to the CYSS Coordinator. Payment for all hourly care services is due at the time of service.

The cost for hourly care is $4.00 per hour, charged at 30-minute increments. A minimum of one-hour ($4.00) is charged for hourly care. In order to accommodate the current demand for hourly care, children must be picked up promptly at their scheduled reservation time. If you are running late for your pick up time, please call the facility to ensure space is available for your child to remain at the center. Children who remain in care after their scheduled time or after close of business will be assessed a late pickup fee of $1 per minute. After 15 minutes, an additional fee of $5.00 will be charged to the household for each child remaining in care (total of $20.00 late fee + hourly care fees are due at pickup). Patrons are charged at a rate of $5.00 an hour for care provided past the scheduled pickup time. Meals and Snacks will be provided at scheduled times.

CYSS Pre-K Program

Annual Pre-K Lottery Drawing is held on the first Thursday in April. The initial available spaces are filled from the applicants slelcted in the initial lottery drawing. Applicants who register on or after the drawing day are placed on the waiting list in order of registration.

The CYSS Pre-Kindergarten Program is funded entirely by the Georgia State Lottery and is considered to be one of the finest educational programs in the nation. The Fort Stewart CYSS on-post program currently offers 6 classrooms: a maximum of 22 spaces per class. Because there is always more children seeking spaces in Prekindergarten than there are spaces available,  a lottery process is the fairest method of filling our classes. The annual CYSS Pre-K Lottery is held the first Thursday in April for the next school year. The Fort Stewart Pre-K program operates within two Child Development Center locations: Bldg. 475, 76 Lindquist Road,  and Bldg. 403, 56 Steele Avenue. Sign up at our Parent Central Services office located at 500 Lindquist Road, Bldg 438. 

  • Students must be four years of age on or before 01 September 2014- NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Sponsor must be DoD I.D. cardholder (Active Duty or DoD Civilian/Contractor assigned to installation)
  • The program is voluntary; daily student attendance is required!
  • The Pre-K program operates for 6.5 hours per day: 0800-1430, Monday through Friday.
  • The core instructional program is free of charge.
  • Before and After School on site care is available (at the parent’s expense).
  • All children must be registered with Child, Youth & School Services to participate in the Fort Stewart CYSS Pre-K program.

Parents must bring the following documents to Parent Central Services (Bldg 438) to sign up for the Pre-K waiting list:

  •   Original Birth Certificate
  •    Proof of Eligibility (DoD  I.D. Card)
  •    2014 Pre-K Application

Additional forms are required for registering with CYS Services. Families will be notified if their child’s name was drawn in the lottery process. All children not chosen will be placed on a waiting list until spaces become available.

For more information, contact 767-2312!

Need Directions?


Special Needs Accomodation Process (SNAP)

A Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) is in place for children who have special needs. If your child suffers, for example, from allergies or Attention Deficit Disorder, or has been diagnosed with a physical or psychological condition, this accommodation process brings together child care professionals, physicians and counselors to determine how CYS Services can best meet the needs of your child.

Attention Active Duty Only: Parents of all child with special needs are encouraged to visit the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) office, located on the first floor of WINN Army Community Hospital, to be assessed for enrollment into the program. There is an enrollment packet that can be filled out by your healthcare provider at the same time the CYSS medical action plans are completed. EFMP enrollment may qualify your child for additional free respite care.

Education Directory for Children with Special Needs

The NEW Early Intervention Directory focuses on early intervention services for children birth-3 years of age and provides information families can use to help them make informed decisions regarding services available for their children when relocating.

States included are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

This convenient directory provide practical suggestions (tools), information, and resources to help with the transition to a new location.  While currently only the fifteen states with the highest number of assigned military personnel were selected for inclusion in the Directory, the suggestions and tools included are helpful to all families with children with special needs when transferring to any domestic location.

The Early Intervention Directory includes:

  •  Summary of national and state level early intervention (EI) trends;
  •  Descriptions of each state’s EI system and related resources;
  •  Early intervention (EI) service provider profiles and contact information;
  • Tools for helping you and your child make a smooth transition to a new EI provider;
  •  Links to national resource agencies.

For more information on the Education Intervention Directory visit the MilitaryHOMEFRONT under Troops & Families, Special Needs/EFMP, and Stateside Directory.



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