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 Welcome to the Fort Stewart School-Age Center. It is the mission of CYS Services to provide affordable before-school and after-school care in a quality program that meets the needs of youth in grades 1st through 5th. Fort Stewart School-Age Center provides supervised before and after school programs, hourly care, summer care, and camps during school vacations. Through partnerships with groups such as 4-H, CHARACTER COUNTS!, and Mission:Youth Outreach, the School-Age Center help children learn to work with their strengths, interests, and each other, to feel good about themselves, and to grow as individuals.

Programs are offered in the following core areas:

  • Arts, Recreation and Leisure Activities
  • Sport, Fitness and Health Options
  • Life skills, Citizenship and Leadership Opportunities
  • Academic Support, Mentoring and Intervention Services

Location and Hours

SAC is located at:
97 Austin Road, Bldg 7160
Ft Stewart, GA 31314
(Across from the new Murray Elementary School-South Bryan Village)
Phone: 912-767-5662 or 767-2635
DSN: 870-5662


Hours of Operation

Before School: 0530-0800, buses leave at 0730 for school drop-off
After School: 1430-1800
Full Day (Student holidays, teacher training/conference day and Camps): 0530-1800


Accreditation and Certification

DOD Certified: Fort Stewart School-Age Center is certified by the Department of Defense. In order to receive certification, all our caregivers must meet rigid training, health and safety standards, and our centers are subject to unannounced inspections by internal and external Army inspectors.

Council On Accreditation (COA): COA Accreditation symbolizes a commitment to quality school-age care. SAC met or exceeded COA's requirements for accreditation based on 137 Practice Standards and 30 Core Concept Standards.


Fees and Enrollment

  • All eligible children must be registered with CYS Services. Patrons may register at the CYS Parent Central Services office. Call 912-767-2312 for an appointment.
  • Child care fees are charged using a graduated fee schedule based on Total Family Income calculated at the time of registration/renewal. Regular Before/After School fees are due on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Weekly Camp Fees are due the week prior to attending.
  • Fees are charged monthly regardless of the number of work days in a month, the number of federal holidays or unexpected closures.
  • Occasional users are charged the daily rates of $16 (4 hrs or less) or $30 (more than 4 hrs).
  • Occasional Users may use up to four (4) free hours of open recreation hours per month.




Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a weekly fun-filled and high yield learning full day program open to children who are completing 1st through 5th grade. The weekly camps begin at the end of May when Liberty County schools break for the summer and runs through the beginning of August when Fort Stewart schools begin their new school sessions. Enrollment for Summer Camp begins in April and patrons can choose to enroll for only the weeks they want their children to attend. Please check with the front desk admin for the weekly activities and information on permission slips, departure times and required attire. Don't forget to fill out a Basic Care Sheet for Sunscreen!

Summer Camp Operating Hours: 0530-1800

Field trips/excursions are included in the weekly camp fees. Hourly children may attend field trips but will need to pay for any applicable entrance fees. Children who are completing Kindergarten will attend camp at the Child Development Center (403), and youth who are completing 6th grade and above will attend camp at the Youth Center (Bldg 5655).


Before and After School Care

Before School programming opens at 0530 in the morning.  A USDA approved breakfast is served and a variety of self-directed activity choices are offered. Transportation is provided to an from all on-post schools: Brittin, Murray, Kessler, and Diamond Elementary Schools.

After school program begins at 1430, when the children arrive from school to the center. The program ends at 1800. A USDA approved snack is served and a wide variety of directed and self-directed activity choices are offered. Activity choices include:

  • Homework center
  • Computer lab
  • Outdoor and indoor games and play
  • Music and dance
  • Arts & crafts
  • Sports and fitness
  • Club meeting

Full Day Care & School Breaks

Full-day programs are offered from 0530 until 1800 during school vacations, teacher training/professional development days and furlough days.  Fort Stewart SAC operates around Fort Stewart and Liberty County school schedules.  Children in Before School or After School programs are guaranteed a space in all full-day program days as part of their monthly fee. Activity choices for full day program are the same, with additional activities such as field trips or swimming added to the day’s program depending on the length of the school vacation. Children  not currently attending a SAC program must reserve a space for care, and care will be charged at the occasional user rate. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided on a daily basis.

Occasional Users (Hourly)

The Occasional User Program is designed as a short term child care option for youth in grades 1st through 5th. It has been implemented to meet the needs of those families who require care for less than 10 hours a week before and/or after school. Transportation is provided to and from our SAC site and a child’s designated on-post school.  Patrons who utilize less than 4 hours of care during one operational day will pay a $16 fee. Patrons who exceed 4 hours of care in one operational day will pay a $30 fee. Care is provided at 97 Austin Road, Bldg 7160. Call School-Age Center at  912-767-5662 or 912-767-2635 to make reservations. Hours of operations are from 0600-0800 and 1330-1800, Monday thru Friday. Reservations are required to accommodate DODEA school transportation policies and in accordance with AR 608-10. Make reservations online up to 24 hours before care is needed.


Special Needs Accomodation Process

A Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) is in place for children who have special needs.  If your child suffers, for example, from allergies or Attention Deficit Disorder, or has been diagnosed with a physical or psychological condition, this accommodation process brings together child care professionals, physicians and counselors to determine how CYS Services can best meet the needs of your child. Contact EFMP Manager at 767-5058 for assistance or for more details.


Education Directory for Children with Special Needs

The EXPANDED School Age Directory focuses on special education services for children with special needs, 3-21 years of age, and provides information families can use to help them make informed decisions regarding services available for their children when relocating.

States included are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

This convenient directory provide practical suggestions (tools), information, and resources to help with the transition to a new location.  While currently only the fifteen states with the highest number of assigned military personnel were selected for inclusion in the Directory, the suggestions and tools included are helpful to all families with children with special needs when transferring to any domestic location.

The School-Age Directory includes:

  • Summary of national and state level trends for special education for children identified with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Emotional/Behavior Disorders (E/BD), and Intellectual Disabilities (ID) were emphasized.
  • Tools for helping you and your child make the transition to a new school district;
  • Descriptions of each state’s special education system and related resources;
  • School district profiles and contact information about school districts that service domestic military installations;
  • Links to national resource agencies.

For more information on the Education Intervention Directory visit the MilitaryHOMEFRONT under Troops & Families, Special Needs/EFMP, and Stateside Directory.


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