Middle School and Teens

Ages Served

♦ Youth in Grades 6-12

Army Middle School and Teen Programs are designed specifically for middle school youth and teens to ensure that the physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of youth are addressed, and predictable services provided. Youth Services offers programs in the following areas: sports, fitness & health options; life skills, citizenship & leadership opportunities; arts, recreation and leisure activities; academic support, mentoring, and intervention services.

Types of Programs

We offer youth and teens character development and leadership opportunities through participation in 4-H and BGCA club activities such as Keystone Club, Torch Club, Smart Girls, Technology Club, Chess Club, and Triple Play.

♦ Homework tutoring

♦ Youth Technology Lab

♦ Mission:Youth Outreach activities

♦ 4-H activities


♦ Arts and Crafts

♦ Cooking

♦ Chess

♦ Sports and Fitness

Location and Hours

The Youth Center is located behind Diamond Elementary at:

62 Mindoro Loop, Bldg 5655
Ft Stewart, GA 31314
Phone: 912-767-4491
DSN: 870-4491

Hours of Operation

During School days -

  • Mon-Thu: 1400-2000
  • Fri: 1400-2200
  • Sat: 1200-2000
  • Sun: closed
  • CLOSED during Federal Holidays

During Summer Break –

  • Mon-Thu: 1200-2000
  • Fri: 1200-2200
  • Sat: 1200-2200
  • Sun: closed
  • CLOSED during Federal Holidays 

MST programs are conducted daily in a 20,000 sq.ft.  facility with a  gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, and other active sports and games.  The facility has a computer lab with 15 state-of-the-art computers, arts & craft room, game room, teen room, dance room, and one-of-a-kind Viking kitchen.  CYS Services Program Assistants are always available to provide supervision and interaction with youth during Open Recreation hours.  A homework tutor is on board to assist youth and teens needing help with homework.  Our technology club is led by a Lab Lead, who is skilled in electronics and technology, such as computer repair, game console repair, robotics, movie making, and much more.  Organized activities such as club meetings, cooking, sports, and games are facilitated by trained CYPAs and led by youth leaders.

Youth and teens must be registered with CYS Services in order to participate in MST programs and Open Recreation.  There is no charge for MST activities.  There may be a small fee for special activities such as Pre-Teen Dance, Teen Dance night, and Teen Lock-in.  Various field trips are conducted during long school breaks, and fees are only charged when entrance fees are required at the target destinations.  Transportation is free.

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The HIRED! Program

The HIRED! Program, in partnership with FMWR (Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation), provide apprentice opportunities for teens 15-18 years old. In the term, teens participate in workforce preparation and secondary education exploration classes to prepare for life after high school. HIRED! Apprenticeships offer experiences within distinct career paths designed to help participants determine whether said career paths are viable career choices for their future. The goal of the HIRED! Apprentice Program is to help teens develop the necessary confidence and employee-valued abilities to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Teens are assigned to work after school and weekends in FMWR operations, such as food service, golf pro shop, bowling, clerical, inventory, technology, childcare, and more.



  • Winter Term Begins in February!
  • Applications Deadline
  • Mandatory Orientation
  • Interviews
  • Last day of Winter Term
  • First Day of Spring Term

HIRED! Apprenticeship Terms

HIRED! Apprentice Terms consist of 4, twelve week terms repeated annually. Participants 15-18 years of age are able to participate in a maximum of 2 terms per year for 3 consecutive years. Within each 12 week term, apprentices are expected to work 15 hours in a 7 day period while concurrently participating in the HIRED! Workforce Preparation and Secondary Education Exploration Workshops. HIRED! Workforce-Preparation Workshops are provided by the HIRED! Program Coordinator.

HIRED! Summer Term Option

Apprentices are allowed to serve two (2) HIRED! Terms per year. Accommodations can be made for apprentices to complete their authorized two (2) HIRED! Terms all at one time during the summer, meaning they would actually participate in 30 hours in a seven-day period. This exception can only be made in the summer. CYSS registered youth can pick up summer HIRED! applications from the Youth Center, Bldg. 5655. ALL completed applications MUST be submitted to Youth Center, 62 Mindoro Loop, Bldg. 5655, to the HIRED! program staff before the term deadlines.

HIRED! Apprentice Selection Process

  • Must be 15-18 years of age. However, at 14 a teen can start taking the prerequisite courses.
  • Six workforce-preparation and secondary-education trainings are a prerequisite for participation in the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program (Offered at CYSS Youth Services at no cost).
  • School document showing a grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
  • All potential Apprentices must have a current CYSS Membership and up-to-date shot record on file at the Youth Services before applying for Apprenticeship position.

Cash Awards

HIRED! Apprentices are eligible for cash awards through CYS Services, through Kansas State University, upon completion of a HIRED! Twelve week Term. All HIRED! Apprentices work under the same HIRED! Apprentice Position Description.

  • 1st and 2nd Term is a cash award of $500 dollars per each term
  • 3nd and 4rd Term is a cash award of $625 dollars per each term
  • 5th and 6th Term is a cash award of $750 dollars per each term

Contact Information

For more information about the EDGE! or HIRED! Program, please contact program coordinator Keith Murphy at 767-5395 during regular office hours.


 The EDGE! = Experience, Develop, Grow and Excel!

EDGE! provides out-of-school opportunities for 6-18 year old children and youth to experience, develop, grow and excel by participating in "cutting-edge" art, fitness, life skills and adventure activities, known as Art EDGE!, Fit EDGE!, Life EDGE!, and Adventure EDGE!

EDGE programs are delivered through partnerships with Ft Stewart FMWR Community Recreation and Business Programs. Activities are conducted by subject matter experts and take place in designated FMWR facilities. CYSS program assistants are always present to provide line-of-site supervision during activity sessions.

Promotes learning-by doing and focuses on the development of lifetime skills while exposing participants to the arts. Art EDGE! activities increase creative development while building self-esteem. Some examples of activities include Jewelry Making, Flower Arrangements, Movie-making, and more.

Educates and encourage children and youth to incorporate a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and nutritional awareness programs. Examples of activities include Wii Fit, Cardio Boxing, Archery, and more

Life EDGE!
Imparts upon children and youth the skills needed for life-long growth as well as the exploration of future career fields. Examples of activities include Cultural Awareness, Pet Care, Skin Care and more.

Adventure EDGE!
Encourages children and youth to embrace the outdoors and nature while being exposed to activities that stimulate relaxation. Examples of activities include Kayaking, Biking, Geo-caching and more.

The EDGE! Program is free for CYSS Middle School and Teen (MST) pass holders, and may cost a nominal fee for school age children. To inquire or enroll in the most current EDGE! Program, Click Here to visit Ft Stewart’s CYS Services online.

Fort Stewart/HAAF Youth Sponsorship Programs

When children and youth face challenges, it is important to assist them in finding other children and youth who have experienced the same situations and have had the same feelings. The Army Youth Sponsorship Program affords the opportunity to stay connected to old friends, meet new friends, discuss important topics, and obtain information.

Student To Student (S2S) School Transition Support Program

Research indicates that the most difficult transition that military children and youth experience is school transi­tion. Because this is such a sensitive and profound issue, the Student 2 Student (S2S) School Transition Support Program was developed with school transition as its primary focus.

The S2S Program is a school-based program designed to aid youth who are changing schools due to their parent’s military mission requirements. This program is designed to allow children and youth to acclimate more easily and quickly into their new school environ­ment. The S2S Program is school-managed and student-led. Currently, there are two S2S programs in the Liberty Co School System: Bradwell Institute and Liberty Co High School. Students can participate in the S2S programs at these schools by contacting their guidance counselors

CYSS Center Based Youth Sponsorship Programs

Welcoming and “Hail and Farewell” programs are webbed in the curriculums in all CYSS Center based programs on Fort Stewart and HAAF; to include Child Development Centers, Pre-K Centers, School-Age Centers, and Youth Services. All programs are inclusive, including Youth Sports, to enable children with disabilities to feel welcome at CYSS programs. Welcoming and orientation activities are conducted at least monthly, to ensure a seamless transition process for incoming and outgoing children/youth

Youth Action Council

The Youth Action Council (YAC) meets quarterly at both Fort Stewart and HAAF. The YAC provides an encouraging environment where youth, in grades, 6-12, can freely discuss issues that impact their lives when transitioning to Fort Stewart/HAAF. In addition, youth are provided training and opportunities to: enhance leadership development skills, learn how to be a sponsor and work within a team concept, volunteer and perform community service projects, participate in Keystone Club activities and plan/develop youth sponsorship trips and youth center activities.

Youth Sponsorship Trips

The Youth Sponsorship trips provide exciting opportunities for youth, in 4-12 grades, to explore local surroundings and make new friends. The trips are well received and affordable to all Military Families; a value packed program that’s fun and educational. Past trips included haunted ghost tours, ice skating, strawberry picking at Bamboo Farms, tour of Sapelo Island, Dolphin Watching tours, Trawling on the Bull River; in addition to the following upcoming trips: Savannah's Underground Railroad and Dorchester Academy's "The Dreamer" both in February 2012.





Teen High Adventure Camp

The Teen High Adventure Camp is the best value packed youth program offered at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Modeled after the Teen High Adventure Camps located in Garmisch, Germany in the early 1990’s, the adventure camp offers an unique blend of experiential learning, team building and leadership skill development in scenic residential camp environment, located in the North Carolina Nantahala National Forest.

Youth are encouraged to participate in such activities as hiking on the Appalachian Trail, tubing in the Smoky Mountains, white water rafting down the Nantahala River, climbing on one of most diversified and challenging ropes courses on the east coast and evening social activities at base camp. In addition, participating youth will visit a youth center in the Cherokee Indian reservation; be able to engaged in activities at the center and learn about the culture/history of the Cherokee Indians.




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