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Parent Central Services is the gateway to all the latest programs and services that Child, Youth and School Services has to offer.  You can register your child with CYS Services and receive access and information on all our programs and services.   Registration is FREE and RENEWABLE on an annual basis.

For information on current and upcoming events and activities at Fort Stewart, GA, click  HERE to view or download our Parent Central Services Quarterly Newsletter.  You can also visit our online services to pre-register your children if you are new to CYS Services.  If you are already a Fort Stewart CYSS member, you can enroll your children in Sports, SKIES, EDGE!, and some youth activities, or make online payments for outstanding fees.

What will you find at Parent Central Services

  • Central Enrollment & Registration Office
  • Latest flyers and upcoming CYSS events
  • Kids-On-Site
  • CYSS Volunteer Registration Information
  • CYSitters & Referrals
  • CYSS Family Advisory Council

Family Advisory Council

The CYS Services' Family Advisory Council welcomes the participation of all parents whose children are registered members of CYS Services to participate in the council. Parents and staff work together to evaluate and improve programs for the positive development of children ages six weeks to eighteen years. The FAC invites you to all meetings. Parents can earn participation points for FAC attendance which equates to fee discounts. Contact Parent Central Services at 912-767-2312 for the CYSS FAC Team schedule.


Hours and Location

CYSS Parent Central Services office at Fort Stewart is located at:

500 Lindquist Road, 
Bldg 438, 
Ft Stewart, GA 31314 (behind the Corkan Outdoor Pool and Family Fun Center)
Phone: 912-767-2312    DSN: 870-2312
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

In order to maintain the highest level of customer service our Families deserve, Parent Central Services will prioritize patrons by appointment during regular operating hours (last appointment is at 1600). Wednesday is open to better accommodate our walk-in patrons. Failure to provide completed documentation may result in rescheduling of appointment. Please contact the office (912-767-2312) with any questions on documentation you may need to complete before your appointment.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday :  0800-1700 
Wednesday :   0800-1700  (All Walk-ins Welcome)
Friday :  0800-1200

CLOSED during Federal Holidays

For Hunter Army Airfield Parent Central Services contact 912-315-5425 for assistance.


Families Eligible for CYSS Programs & Services:

  • All Active Duty Soldiers
  • All Activated/Mobilized Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers
  • All Department of Defense Civilians and Contractors assigned to the installation
  • NDAA 2000 members: Non-DoD Federal Employees and Retired Military (space available services)

Criteria and priority for eligibility in CYS Services programs has been set by AR 608-10, and DoD Instruction (DODI 6060.2) Implementation Guidance.  Where there are waiting periods for program services, the following priorities for care needed to meet mission requirements will be in effect:

Priority 1: Children of single parents or dual working parents who are Active Duty Military, DoD Civilians, or Contractors attached to the installation.

Priority 2: Children of Active Duty Military or DoD Civilian/Contractor personnel attached to the installation, where the spouse is not employed full time or is currently a full-time student.

     *If a spouse is currently not employed or full time student, a 60 day waiver will be issued beginning the day or registration or renewal. Patron must bring in letter from the school on school letterhead stating they are registered as full time student; or if becoming employed, that patron must bring in their paystub.

Priority 3: Children of NDAA 2000 members which include Non-DoD Federal employees and Retired Military Families.

Priority 4: All other eligible children on a space available status.

Where and How to Register Your Child

 If you are NEW to Fort Stewart CYS Services:

Complete the pre-registration online at (CYS Services Online) and a staff member from Parent Central Services will contact you upon receiving your pre-registration details.   You may also contact  Parent Central Services (912-767-2312) during regular office hours to set up a registration appointment.

Be prepared to bring the following completed documentation, otherwise your appointment may be postponed or rescheduled:

  1. Proof of child’s eligibility (DoD ID Card or Birth Certificate, if not old enough for an ID Card).

  2. Child’s up-to-date immunization/shot record (GA Immunization Certificate form 3231).

  3. Child’s Health Screening Tool #1 (required within 30 days of initial registration and updated annually).

  4. Proof of total household income, such as LES/pay vouchers.  If spouse is a student, bring official proof of school enrollment and full-time schedule. Failure to provide income/school verification will result in household being placed in the highest income category- CAT9.

  5. At least one LOCAL emergency contact name and phone number (1 additional emergency contact required within 30 days).

  6.  CYSS Sponsor/Program Agreement (DA Form 5226-R), Application for DoD Child Care Fees (DD Form 2652), and USDA Income Eligibility Statement Form.

Families that have been registered at another installation prior to transferring to Fort Stewart should contact our CYSS Parent Central Services office so that your registration information can be transferred  into our database. A valid e-mail address is required to confirm information.

Pre-registering online (for new CYS Services patrons) and transferring of data (for existing CYS Services patrons from another installation) will reduce time spent at the registration office.  A typical new registration can take 45 minutes or longer at the office depending on how many Family members you will be registering with CYS Services.

  If you are a current Fort Stewart CYS Services patron updating your annual pass registration, contact Parent Central Services to schedule an appointment. 


Fees are charged monthly regardless of the number of work days in a month, the number of federal holidays or unexpected closures due to command decisions or acts of severe weather. Fees may be paid as follows:

  • Billing for Full-day, Before School and After School Programs is processed semi-monthly on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Parents have the option to pay in person or online. Late payment fee of $10.00 is charged on 6th business day of the billing cycle per child/per program.
  • Billing for SKIESUnlimited is processed on the 1st  of the month. Parents may pay in person (at any CDC, at SAC or at Parent Central Services) or online. Participants with an outstanding balance after the 5th day will be dropped from the class roster. Sponsor's are responsible for fees incurred due to non-payment through DD-139 Garnishment.
  • Youth Sports fees are due at the time of enrollment. They are not billed after the intial enrollment cost.
  • Hourly Care Fees are due at the time of pick up.

In accordance with DoD and DA directives military child care fees are based on Total Family Income (TFI) not military rank or civilian grade. The Military Services subsidize fees on a sliding scale for every Family regardless of rank/grade or income.  TFI is all earned (gross) income including wages, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), Basic Allowance for Housing with Dependents Rate (BAH RC/T), salaries, tips, special duty pay (flight pay, active duty Demo pay, sea pay) etc., regardless of whether they live in government housing or off the installation. Failure to provide required income verification will result in assignment to highest Fee Category 9.

If a childcare space is not immediately available, you may choose to use our FCC program or hourly care services. You may also elect to be added to our waiting list. When a parent accepts a space, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required - the initial payment will equal 10 percent of the monthly payment rounded to the nearest dollar which will be credited to the first month's payment.

Multiple Child Reductions (MCR): A 15 percent MCR is applied when more than one child is enrolled in regularly scheduled child care program offered by CYSS Services (excluding camps). The second child and subsequent children will receive the discount.

CYSS Special Needs Accomodation Process (SNAP)

Fort Stewart CYS Services has a Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) in place for children who have special needs.  If your child suffers, for example, from allergies or Attention Deficit Disorder, or has been diagnosed with a physical or psychological condition, this accommodation process brings together child care professionals, physicians and counselors to determine how CYSS can best meet the needs of your child.

All Families are required to fill out the Army CYSS Health Screening Tool #1. If it is determined that your child has a special requirement, the office will forward your information to schedule a SNAP meeting.  All forms must be returned to Parent Central Services office and forwarded to the Army Public Health Nurse for medical review (or referred for a full SNAP Team Meeting, if required) before you can complete the registration. CYSS Registration is not complete until the SNAP process has been finalized with our APHN. Any conditions that are not disclosed and are found through medical review may require additional forms and may hold up the registration process.

Attention Active Duty Only: Parents of all child with special needs are encouraged to visit the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) office, located on the first floor of WINN Army Community Hospital, to be assessed for enrollment into the program. There is an enrollment packet that can be filled out by your healthcare provider at the same time the CYSS medical action plans are completed. EFMP enrollment may qualify your child for additional free respite care.

The below listed Medical Action Plans (MAP) are in additon to the Health Screening Tool that parents/guardians are required to complete for registration:

  1. If your child has a prescription for an Inhaler or Nebulizer of any type, you will need a Respiratory Medical Action Plan (pages 1 & 2) completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. If your child is prescribed an inhaler that is no longer needed, a signed statement from a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner stating that your child does not need an inhaler or nebulizer is required for our records.
  2. If your child has any type of Allergy that calls for the use of Benadryl, Epi-pen, or an inhaler you will need an Allergy Medical Action Plan (pages 1 & 2) completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
  3. If you child has Food Allergy that calls for the use of Benadryl, Epi-pen, or an inhaler you will need an Allergy Medical Action Plan (pages 1 & 2) and a Special Diet Statement indicating what food they are allergic to, what the reaction is, what the appropriate food substitution is, and what medication is prescribed both completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Suitable substitutions are listed on the back of the form.
  4. If the use of Benadryl, Epi-pen or an inhaler is not required for a Food Allergy (Lactose Intolerance, Citrus fruits, etc...), you will need a Special Diet Statement indicating what food needs to be omitted, what the reaction is, and what the appropriate food substitution is completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Suitable substitutions are listed on the back of the form.
  5. If you child has Seizures, you will need a Seizure Medical Action Plan completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Febrile Seizures requiring Tylenol or Motrin MUST indicate on the prescription at what temperature the medication should be given (ex: 99.0 degrees).
  6. If your child has Diabetes, you will need a Diabetes Medical Action Plan (pages 1 & 2) completed and signed by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.
  7. All other special needs (i.e. developmental delays, heart conditions, behavioral problems...) will be reviewed by Army Public Health Nursing for possible referral for a full SNAP Team meeting.


REMINDER: Children in Youth Centers, grades 6th-12th, require a signed note from their physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner to be able to self administer their routine medications!


To Download Registration & Medical Forms Visit

Users may log in as a guest and download any CYSS official form from the FORMS-LINKS menu in the top panel.

Need assistance in translating any CYSS information? Contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request specific language support.


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