Playtime 4

Our boarders can stay as long as 90 days. We offer extra incentives for the owners to purchase 30 minutes dedicated to their pets during the day with play or cuddling time. We offer candid pictures emailed or hard copies to the owners during their stay. We also, offer peanut butter Kong treats and care packages of treats, toys and bones for the dogs to occupy their time in the kennels between playtimes.

Personal Belongings

Personal Belongings that make your pet feel comfortable such as toys and small blankets are welcomed. Items must be clean upon entry, washable and with names attached to them.  Fort Stewart Pet Boarding is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Items that are inappropriately chewed or broken will be removed immediately to prevent ingestion.



You are encouraged to bring your own food for your dogs to prevent a change in diet. Please provide the portion amount for 2 meals per day for the duration of your pet’s stay.   All food must be in re-sealable containers that are labeled your name, dogs name and portion amount per meal.   We do not charge extra for food handling.


Our staff is capable to administer most oral medicines, ear and eye medications and subcutaneous injections for animals that have these special needs.  All medication and supplies provided must be clearly marked in name, dosage, frequency and quantity for each medication.  Anything beyond twice a day dosing may incur a $15.00 medical handling fee.


Boarding Costs

Canine $15.00 per day*
Feline $12.50 per day*
Shampoo, Blow-dry, Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning (By Appointment Only) $30
Nail Trims or Ear Cleaning $5 per dog or cat
Summer Clips $35