Extra Individual Attention

While we do interact, play and pet our guests here frequently during the day, you may elect to designate extra individual attention to your pet that could be made up of playing outside, in the kennel with belly scratching and petting, extra TLC,  just for your pet alone.   We offer 30 minutes per day for the duration of their stay for $12.


Water Activities

We bring out wading pools and play in the water with the dogs. They keep cool and relax or splash and play with floatable toys. We also play with the hose and sprinklers as well.  This is only available in warm weather.


Kong Treats

We will stuff a Kong, a beehive shaped hard rubber toy, with kibble, peanut butter and biscuits to give your pet something interesting to work on and play with when in their kennel.  We offer 3 treats per stay for $7.


Candid Pictures

We offer emailed or hard copies of pictures of your pet’s stay when you are away. Snapshots of their kennel, outside play time, and a few fun ones to frame will be sent to you via email or be ready for pickup on your return. Perfect for the long TDY’s and Block Leave where you may have email access and want to see for yourself how your pet is doing or just something new to add to your photo album. We will take up to 5 photos per day or a total of 25 pictures total during the stay to email you or print for your return, $10 per package.