We schedule grooming by appointment only. Animals must be manageable by our staff or we will restrain them appropriately.

Grooming Services include:

Exit Bath
(Shampoo and blow dry only)
Complementary w/ Boarding
Grooming Bath
(Shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nail trim/grinding and ear cleaning/plucking)
Oatmeal Bath
(Blow dry, nail trim/grinding and ear cleaning/plucking)
Flea Treatment
(Flea shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nail trim/grinding, and ear cleaning/plucking)
Shedding Treatment
(Undercoat brush out, shedding shampoo, shedding solution, high velocity hand dryer to loosen hair, nail trim/grinding, ear cleaning/plucking)
Hair Cuts
(Body Clips, shampoo, conditioner, nail trim/grinding, ear cleaning/plucking. Please allow at least four hours minimum to finish completely)
Flea treatment $35
Shedding treat & hair cut $35
Facial and eye brow trims $15
Sanitary clip and paw pads $10
Nail trim/grinding $5
Ear cleaning/plucking $5

Frontline Spray application

Anal Glands Extraction (External Only)



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