Cassandra L. Berg

Cassandra L. BergAs a biologist on the path to a master's in marine biology, Cassandra has been around animals as far back as she can remember.  As a student, she volunteered at many places as long as there were animals to work with.   She enjoys what she does with the animals as well as those she encounters.  "From ocean to land, turtles to dogs, and all those in between" she says describing her years of volunteering.  Her favorite thing about working with animals is simply their company, her least favorite: saying good bye.  "Every animal in their unique way touches my heart" she says, "and until the feeling stops I know I'm on the right path."  She tries to do her best work at everything in hopes of leaving behind footprints on her path of endless dreams.

Paula A Berg

Paula BergFrom a young child to a mother of two, Paula has always been surrounded by animals in one way or another.  A wife to a retired army veteran, she has taken in animals everywhere she's ever been.  She thoroughly enjoys the excitement in the face of all the animals she comes across.  "When there's a stray or they need a place to stay send them my way" she says, explaining her house full of animals.  Her favorite things about working with animals are the fun times playing with them and just relaxing with them nearby.  Maybe it’s the paw prints they leave on her heart.  Some people who know her call her the true dog whisper because of how well the animals respond to her.  This is clearly her true path.

Claire Cvetkovski

Claire CvetkovskiClaire Cvetkovski has only been living at Ft. Stewart for about four months, but already feels at home in this beautiful area.  Claire is originally from Buffalo, NY, where she attended University at Buffalo and Canisius College for her Cognitive Science and Military Science degrees.  In the near future, she plans on returning to school to begin work on earning her M. Div., but in the meantime, Claire is having an excellent time working at Ft. Stewart Pet Boarding, while she and her two K9 'kids', Panzor and Chaplain, patiently await for her husband to return safely home from the 92nd EN BN's deployment to Afghanistan.

Annquinette Woodard

Annquinette WoodwardMy name is Annquinette Woodard; I am currently attending college at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Ga.  I am majoring in Biology, because I aspire to become a vet in my future and have my own clinic.  I have three dogs and a bird that are my life.  I had two dogs that have died within the last two years, and their death devastated our family.  All of our animals are treated like family.  Their death made me want to work harder for my dream to come true and help all family pets, it is does not matter what type of species.  I have a love for animals and that is pushing me to aim high in my career.