Vehicle Resale Lot

Office Location: Libby Auto Craft Center

                             1503 West Sixth Street

                              Fort Stewart, GA

Lot Location: Coe Avenue

Office Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday 1 to 8:30 pm

                         Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 pm

Phone: (912) 767-3521

To sell a vehicle on our lots you must begin the paperwork process at the Auto Craft Center on Fort Stewart.

Valid military identification card holders can place their cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or recreational vehicles at the designated area, located on Coe Ave. on Fort Stewart.

Resale Lot (per month) (Motorcycle,ATV's,Wave Runners, Etc.) $10.00
Resale Lot (per month) (Car,Truck,Suv's) $15.00
Resale Lot (per month) (Motor Homes, Campers, Boats, Etc) $20.00

Individuals wanting to sell must show proof of ownership by having current registration and insurance and also need to provide a few details about the vehicle for the prospective buyer. This information is posted on the item for sale so that the interested buyer can go direct with the seller. The Auto Craft Center does not have any further action in the sale. The seller can put any asking price they desire for their vehicle. Once the sale transaction is done, the seller should notify the craft shop that the vehicle is no longer for sale so that paperwork can be updated.

If interested in finding out what vehicles are on the DFMWR Vehicle Resale lot, or if you want to sell your vehicle on it, call 767-3521 at Stewart.