Rifle & Pistol Range



Ft Stewart Rifle & Pistol Ranges

Short Range: At Pass & Permit (OPEN During Pass & Permit Hours of operation)


Long Range: Red Cloud Echo Range (RANGE OPEN)

12 SEPT, 17 OCT, & 14 NOV


Large Cal. Rifle Range:  Small Arms November FS (Not Avalable)






Rifle & Pistol Short Range: Need to zero your rifle or target shoot your pistol? Come by the Ft. Stewart Recreation Rifle/Pistol Firing Range off Hwy 144. You can shoot pistols, muzzle loaders, and rifles .270 and under calibers. Range of distances 10 to 100 meters. We have 8 lanes to fire on. Check in at the Pass and Permit Office to use the range, located in Bldg 8093.  





"NEW"  Large Cal. Rifle Range: This range is set up to have Large cal. rifles to come and Zero and shoot at 25, 50 & 100 Meters. This range is the Small Arms November Range and is located 1/4 Mile past the FS rail Head (1/2 Mile past the FS Trash dump). We will only be charging $10 to shoot as this is a shorter range, for a 2 hour block.

 Dates & Times for Range:





RIFLE LONG RANGE: This range is at the Red Cloud Echo Range on Ft Stewart, off Hwy 119 North. We will have paper targets at ranges of 100 meters to 500 meters and steel targets at 750 meters and 1000 meters. Cost is $15 for a 2 hrs block. Pay at the rangeALL WEAPONS MUST BE REGISTERED ON THE INSTALATION. 












Dates:  OPEN

.Times:  9AM - 2PM

DATES: Saturdays, 12 SEPT, 17 OCT, & 14 NOV 2015

The 14 NOV date we will be conducting a Turkey Shoot at the range along with open fireing.






Short Range - $5 per day (Time may be shortened during busy hours, or when a waiting list is established). 

Long Range - $10 for a 2 hour block.

Large Cal. Rifle Range - $5 for a 2 hour block


Pass & Permit Contact Information

Office Location:  Fort Stewart Pass and Permit Office, Building 8093, off HWY 144

Phone: 912-435-8061/8033

Hours: Mon, Wed, Thu &  Fri,  11 am-6 pm

            Sat, Sun, Hol 7 am-3 pm

            Tue,  CLOSED              

Archery, Rifle & Pistol Range closes 30 min before Pass and Permit Office.